A Functional Resume Is Your Best Choice To Highlight Career Accomplishments

A Functional Resume Is Your Best Choice To Highlight Career Accomplishments

A resume plays an all important role in the job seeking process. It provides valuable information of the applicant’s experience, skills and employment history to the recruiters to justify the eligibility for a job. There are different types of resumes and the functional resume is one of these. The type of resume used depends on the type of job applied for. Therefore, applicants have to be extremely careful when selecting the appropriate resume type.

When applicants are applying for jobs, they need to enumerate on their work experience, their skills and what they have been doing up to date. Use of a functional resume can highlight an individual’s functionality and versatility in skills. This type of resume is excellent for applicants whose career objective does not match the education and experience they have already or for applicants who are not consistent with their jobs and as a result have gaps in their work experience which will get highlighted if a chronological resume is used.

A functional resume is used by students who have degrees and educational qualifications which are useful in multidisciplinary environments. This resume allows these students to highlight their skills and abilities as opposed to work experience. With this resume they can also demonstrate on how the skills they possess have been put to use. Applicants who have taken time off to support families, stopped work to join the military, freelancers etc. can use this resume to showcase their versatility in skills and functionality.

When it comes to writing this resume, the main objective of this type of resume is to highlight the accomplishments of the applicant rather than work history. The resume should contain the applicant’s identification and contact details followed by the job objective. Only one objective should be written in a resume. For example, if the applicant is applying for a job as a sales representative, he or she should use only this option as the job objective.

Applicants should state the position clearly and include information as to why he or she is suitable for the job. Next step is to include skills which pertain to the job being applied for and these must be listed according to importance. As this type of resume does not concentrate on employment,applicants can leave some parts of work experience information out as long as it does not pertain to the job opening.

Another important section of the resume is the applicant’s qualifications which will catch the readers’ attention. However, they must ensure that these qualifications relate to the type of job opening applied for. It will be pointless and will serve no purpose if they include qualifications which have no relevance with the job opening.

Many applicants find the writing of their resumes a task which should be left to professionals. There are many online resume writing services which offer this facility. These writing services will assist applicants with writing high calibre resumes that gets instantly noticed and usually gets selected for an interview. If required, applicants now have the opportunity to purchase a custom written functional resume, created with the expertise of professional resume writers.

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