The animation primarily viewed as kids’ entertainment market in India, is now touching its new horizons. With the progression of technology, the animation industry is picking up at a faster pace. with a potential of being the most desirable avenues for entertainment and storytelling in India. The growth in the broadcasting hours due to the presence of cable and satellite TV channels and the Internet is fueling up the demand for animated entertainment. This is growing the demand for animation course in India.

India’s animation industry generated revenues of Rs 15 billion in 2016, registering year on year growth of 8.7 percent, due to increase in the domestic content production.

There are substantial opportunities for creative individuals entering into the animation sector, as its consumption is rising. The need of animation content is on the upswing coming from entertainment producers and broadcasters alike. Moreover, the extended shelf life of the animated content makes it a product offering a healthy return on investment (RoI).

Global recognition

Indian animators and agencies are increasingly receiving animation works from the global players, including big names like Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, etc., which are partnering with the Indian talent pool to feed the surging demands for animation and visual effects, needed to produce entertaining and engaging content.

The popularity and demand for skilled animators in India are growing, due to the promising career opportunities it offers. It is led to various institutes to design and deliver specialized computer animation course and graphics program in India. Allowing the aspiring students to develop their artistic talent towards creating great quality multimedia and animation content for the ever-growing entertainment and communication industry.

Courses option

You have the options to pick animation course, from one-year diploma or foundation courses, three-years undergraduates and two-years postgraduates animation degree programs available at the several leading institutes across India. The animation courses induce creativity in the students allowing them to fulfill their dream of illuminating the animated screens around the world.

The animation courses are designed to train students to create, deliver and present contents for a variety of different media channels. Students get fundamental skills training that is related to the production of multimedia projects, character animation, character rigging, texture, compositing, and lighting. There are more like given the knowledge of animation design and visual effects, 2D animation, 3D modeling and its application and much more.

Career scope

There is ample scope for a career in the present market from applying to work for 3D and VFX studios in India to explore the foreign market. Also, there is vast scope for gaming professionals in this modern era of gaming.

Besides the entertainment and gaming industry, animation skills these days are employed in various other sectors. Like the medical field, wherein a short 3D educational film on surgical methods are made to train medical professionals or educate patients about the procedures they need to undertake related to their disease.

Animation graphics and videos are also becoming an essential tool for the architecture and construction segment. They extensively use the 3D movies to display their entire project experience before it is built to their clients, by creating videos of the building with its surrounding landscaping and lifestyle, moving people, vehicles and so on, to give a visual picture to the actual floor plan.

Animations are also aiding the mechanical and manufacturing sectors in reducing development costs, as the industry is creating virtual models of products and mechanical designs, to study and test their product before actual production.

With various industries opening up towards employing animated tools in their sector, pursuing an animation course to acquire right skill sets and training is useful in getting a quick entry into the ever-growing animations and creative job industry that offers a bright future ahead.

Pay perks in animation

As the digital revolution is in its upswing in all industries all across the globe, the popularity of animation course is progressing, making it a most popular field of employment that provides high pay perks. A bachelor’s degree in computer graphics, fine arts, or related design and technology subject can land you into a thriving career of working as multimedia artists and animators. And, as money is a big motivation, after completion of studies, the animation course a fresher can expect a salary of Rs 8,000 to Rs15,000, and with experience and hard work, a passionate, creative individual can even get compensation of Rs 70,000 per month.