Content Marketing on Social Media: How to Do It the Right Way

Content Marketing on Social Media: How to Do It the Right Way

The phrase “content is king” is often repeated in the world of internet marketing. The reason for this is that while you can use any tactics to optimize your website on search engines, nothing can replace high quality and valuable information when it comes to making conversions. With experts on content marketing Brisbane currently has, it is easy to develop a potent marketing plan through high quality content. One of the most important areas of content marketing that businesses should focus on involves social media. This is the place wherein you are potentially going to earn a lot of conversions. Make sure you do it the right way in order to maximize conversions via your social media presence.

Below are strategies that professionals on content marketing Brisbane has would suggest you incorporate into your social media content plan:

1. Add images to your content. In Twitter alone, posts with images can produce up to 150% higher changes of getting a retweet or shared by your followers. While image is important, the content that is included within the image is also just as important. Be smart and catchy when adding text so when coupled with a compelling image, it could increase engagement by more than double!

2. Do not forget to re-hash old content. You do not need to produce new content on your blog or website all the time to be able to share them on your social media. Re-share old content to not only generate new traffic to that post, but also reach to a wider range of audience that might have missed your initial share.

3. Target multiple time zones. Unless your business is addressed to a local audience wherein you can pin down the exact time zone you’d want to target, it pays to diversify your posting times on social media. This will ensure that you can reach as many people as possible across all time zones!

4. Tell a story. Have you noticed a trend with many of the posts that have gone viral on Facebook or other social media? These are stories about people – whether it is emotional, scary, or shocking! The point is this: all of these posts are stories about humans that stir the emotions! When planning out your content, your goal should therefore be aimed at tugging at the very core of the human emotion.

5. You need to cover industry events. For example, if you are a web or graphic design company like digital8 web design Brisbane that specializes in offering services from quality web designers, you need to post content about the latest industry events in the web design field. Your involvement in these industry events reflects your company’s commitment to stay on top of your competition. It also reflects your interest on knowing about the latest trends in the field to offer the best services to your customers.

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